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Plan for the future.

Sure, the mobile space is important, but don’t get lost in the shuffle. responsiveX will show you how to agilely create the apps your customers want. responsiveX builds engaging mobile apps with unmatched User Experiences and natural UIs.

iPhone app development. iPad app development. Android app development. Windows 8 app development. Mobile web development.

We’ll get it all done.

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responsiveX + Mobile

At responsiveX we are the mobile app development experts, we can help you develop and implement mobile strategies focused on consumers. We can also make your team more efficient by developing an enterprise app for your company. Additionally responsiveX builds business apps to help you boost your sales and customer reach. responsiveX makes sure your apps are a win by providing strategic planning for your project.

Mobile Web

Mobile phones and devices can take advantage of the web. But is your company taking advantage of your mobile web presence? responsiveX helps you build responsive, scalable mobile websites with technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and JQuery that will impress your mobile web visitors.

Native Apps

You can also attract mobile phone and device users with native applications running on platforms like Apple’s iOS with iPhone and iPad, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Windows 8. responsiveX can build your needed native apps and help you manage them effectively. We excel at architecting and developing apps for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. We’ll deliver innovative apps that more than satisfy your customers.

Cross Platform

Looking for a cross platform app to efficiently take advantage of multiple Operating Systems at once? responsiveX has experience building hybrid apps that can run on multiple platforms utilizing technologies like PhoneGap. We can develop and create cross platform apps that look great and perform perfectly.

Mobile + Cloud

Don’t forget about the cloud with your mobile strategy! The cloud gives your mobile apps the ability to be truly mobile. responsiveX can help you integrate a cloud solution into your apps to give your customers exactly what they want. We’re experts with the cloud and can help you prepare for the future by building your products and services around the cloud in a strategic and effective way.


Catch your customers with the web.

The Web is a well versed tool to reach your customers and manage your team through different methods and on different devices. responsiveX understands how to utilize the web to make scalable websites for your customers and your company. We build effective User Experiences and deliver top level web apps that go above and beyond normal functionality.

HTML5. CSS3. JavaScript. JQuery.

It’s what makes the Web.

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eCommerce + Business

eCommerce websites are an important way to conduct business with your customers. But are your eCommerce websites slow and inefficient? responsiveX understands business websites top and bottom, and certainly everything in between. We know how to create an experience for your users and customers that will leave them happy and coming back for more while at the same time creating a fast and efficient website that is easy to manage and monitor. We also know the importance of quality company websites. responsiveX builds websites that accurately relay your message to your customers. Make sure your public facing website is both captivating and useful. responsiveX will help with your website and make it easy to succeed.


Chances are you have—or need—an effective portal to help you manage your team and collaborate within your company. responsiveX can help build a new intranet or clean up your existing portal by utilizing tools like Microsoft’s SharePoint and using modern technologies like the cloud. We can boost your team’s efficiency by making your portal easy to use and manage, and by building it on a solid foundation that will last.

HTML5: Responsive + Mobile

responsiveX is a big fan of HTML5 and Open Web. If you need projects built using modern web technologies, web standards and open source web technologies, responsiveX will guide you through agile methods of building your projects. We also rock at building mobile focused website with a responsive design. responsiveX can take your website and make it responsively scale to mobile phones and other mobile devices. We can also build new web projects that rely on responsive web design while still maintaining a beautiful UI and unique UX.


ASP.NET is a powerful technology to utilize on your website. responsiveX can help you apply ASP.NET to accomplish your goals. ASP.NET can help provide frameworks, apps and services on the web and responsiveX has the experience to help you utilize ASP.NET to work with other great web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and JQuery.

Web Apps + Web API

Web applications are a great way to build apps that work across multiple platforms and are widely accessible. But do your web apps work well on all devices including mobile phones? Are they fast and responsive? Do you know when there’s a problem? responsiveX has experience building scalable web apps that look great—and perform even better—on all devices. We can help you strategically plan your web apps plus manage and monitor their performance. responsiveX can develop your apps using modern technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery and ASP.NET with efficient code techniques that speed up your apps and their production. Additionally responsiveX understands RESTful services + Web API and can help you build the services you need with these technologies for your websites and web apps in a logical and useful way. We’ll make sure your web apps take full advantage of the cloud and have user experiences that stand out over the competition.

Optimize + Secure

Do you know how well your applications are performing? Do you know the best way to get the most out of your apps? Can you develop quick apps that will perform without hiccups? responsiveX can answer yes to all of the above, and we can help you do the same. responsiveX helps you analyze your apps to find weak points and rough spots that slow down your applications. We develop the apps you need with agility to make them fast, efficient and durable. responsiveX also helps you monitor all your applications to know when there’s a problems and how to fix those glitches. Additionally responsiveX helps make your websites and web apps more secure. We know what makes technology vulnerable and how to lock down your security systems. responsiveX can help you encrypt sensitive data and monitor who’s accessing you website and web apps. We’ll help you secure your web and hand you the keys.

Cloud + Scale

Building a web app? The sky’s the limit! So why not use the cloud? responsiveX is deeply connected with the cloud and knows best practices for utilizing it in your apps. We help you plan, architect and develop with the cloud to help give you the leading edge with the cloud. Your web apps are also going to need to scale in and out depending on your website traffic. responsiveX helps you build scalable web apps with the cloud that will grow at the same speed your customer base does.

Load Test + Monitor

To ensure your web apps can take the heat of production you need a trustworthy load test to make sure your apps can scale quickly and still perform properly under pressure. responsiveX helps you load test your web applications to find weak points and slow spots that need to be cleaned up before your application sees the light of day. We know the best ways to perform load testing and we have experience testing different size workloads on different size apps. responsiveX will make sure your app is primed and ready for action. But what happens if something goes wrong after your app is live? Maintaining your app through monitoring is important to ensure quality. But monitoring is easier said than done. responsiveX helps you do more monitoring and less talking. We show you the best tools to monitor your applications and how to implement them along with some strategies to ensure you know when there is a problem with your web apps before your customers do.


Forecast: cloudy with a high chance of success.

Don’t miss out on the cloud; it’s not just the latest fad. The cloud increases efficiency, decreases costs/time and creates success. The cloud could be the missing piece of your company. responsiveX is the cloud expert, we help you architect and develop your future with the cloud. We can show you the most effective way to utilize the cloud to patch any holes in your company.

PaaS. IaaS. SaaS. They all help you succeed. We know how.

From cloud storage to databases, responsiveX helps the cloud help you.

What is the cloud? How can we help?
We’ll ask the questions around here.

responsiveX understands the cloud like no one else. We’ll answer your questions, help you plan your cloud strategy and develop projects in the cloud that take you from asking “What is the cloud?” to “What else can the cloud do for me?”

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Scalability is a high priority to ensure all your customers are served without delay at the same time regardless of workloads. The cloud makes scaling out and up easy and simple. responsiveX makes developing scalable cloud apps easy and simple. We’ll help you plan for scalability and then efficiently implement your plan with a reliable architecture.


Storage is a necessary evil. The data you store is necessary and useful for your business. The evil is that storing loads of data gets expansive fast. The cloud takes this bad relationship and makes everything better. With more affordable prices and pay for what you use plans the cloud becomes an attractive (and secure) way to store your valuable data. responsiveX helps you migrate your data to the cloud and develop systems to efficiently structure and access your data quickly in the cloud.


Automation makes your company more efficient and reliable. responsiveX understands the ways the cloud can create automation and enable new forms of automation. We can help you build automated systems to perform your tasks efficiently and without human error.

Backup, Recovery & Continuity

Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans are important to ensure your business never stops serving your customers and you don’t lose vital systems or important data. But how effective are your plans? What happens when an emergency does arise? The cloud can help ensure your business never stops ticking. And responsiveX can help you form a strategic plan including easily preparing geo replication to ensure your business stays on top when disaster strikes. responsiveX helps you develop and implement success with your backup, recovery and continuity plans.

Windows Azure

Windows Azure is at the front and center of the cloud scene. And it continues to separate itself as the best cloud provider available. It’s a great service and it can only get better form here! Windows Azure goes above just servers sitting in datacenter, Microsoft provides everything you need in a simple, easy and fast service. And all for less than the competition, and much less than a private datacenter. responsiveX is a big fan of Microsoft’s Windows Azure. We understand how Windows Azure works and how to take advantage of every aspect of Microsoft’s cloud to leverage the most for our customers. Contact us if you need the cloud. We can help you succeed with Windows Azure.
Windows Azure also makes media easy. With built in features like Windows Azure media services you can manage your content without hassle. responsiveX excels at working with media and the cloud. We’ll help you build and manage a media plan in the cloud that takes full advantage of the cloud.

Cutting Costs

Cutting costs is on the agenda for most businesses. But where can you cut costs, especially in IT? The cloud can help by making your IT needs more affordable. The cloud can reduce your spending and responsiveX can help you build efficient cost effective systems in the cloud. responsiveX can also help you migrate your current IT to the cloud to save money. Don’t wait to start saving with the cloud, we’ll show you how.


Security has always been important, and continues to be with technology. But do your customers feel secure? Is your sensitive data properly protected? responsiveX can show you how to build secure systems and lockdown all of your valuable data using the cloud. How secure is the cloud? Very secure. responsiveX can help you encrypt your data and show you how the cloud increases security.


Monitoring all of your apps, databases and servers can be a nightmare. But it’s an important part of ensuring quality. responsiveX can take some the horror out of this nightmare by showing you how to effectively monitor your apps in the cloud. We’ll show you how to build apps for easy monitoring and what tools will give you the edge over your apps behavior.


Migrating your technology to the cloud can be challenging. It can be daunting and doesn’t happen overnight. responsiveX has successfully moved systems of all shapes and sizes to the cloud, and we can help you migrate to the cloud. Our experts have experience with the cloud and can plan, prep and pave the path to your migration.

Dev / Test

Developing and testing new applications can be timely and costly. Luckily the cloud makes creating new dev environments and test environments easy. responsiveX can show you how to develop, build and test your applications efficiently with the cloud. We’ll show you to create more for less with the cloud.


DevOps is a key strategy to utilize to ensure you communicate twice and develop once, instead of the other way around. The cloud is great opportunity to deploy DevOps into your development cycle and responsiveX can give you a hand. We can help manage your team and projects to implement DevOps in an agile way. We’ll help make your company more efficient in the cloud and your team more efficient with DevOps.


Create an experience, not just a product.

A beautiful, intuitive User Experience is about more than eye candy. It’s about creating an experience that your customers will love. Something that will keep them happily coming back for more. responsiveX helps you implement the experience your products and services need to ‘wow’ your customers. responsiveX builds in-depth User Experiences that are easy to use and accurately relay your product or service to your customers. We also create beautiful, functional User Interfaces with a natural feel. responsiveX will implement a brilliant design with a unique UX and a natural UI.

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UX Design

UX Design is about creating an experience that gets your customers saying “This is cool. I love it!” Its about designing something your users will remember—in a positive way. responsiveX helps you by planning and then delivering your UX projects. responsiveX creates incredible user experiences that fit in with your products and services. We will:

  • Plan UX
  • Design UX
  • Develop UX
  • Implement UX
  • Test UX

responsiveX not only delivers a design and experience, but also helps you check its effectiveness with usability testing to guarantee your customers will love it.

Mobile UX

Mobile UX is one of the most important pieces of a good mobile application. Separating yourself from the completion through the experience and feel your app provides is often the difference between a win or tailspin for a mobile application. responsiveX knows mobility and has experience with design. responsiveX helps you:

  • Strategically plan a mobile experience
  • Assess a successful mobile experience
  • Design a natural mobile experience
  • Test a winning mobile experience
  • Maintain an updated mobile experience

responsiveX will build the mobile UI you need to standout in the crowded mobile market. Don’t miss out on designing a mobile masterpiece, and give your current apps a (natural) facelift with responsiveX.

Natural UI

Natural UI is the way an Interfaces should be built. User Interfaces should be simple, straightforward and easy to use (while looking attractive the whole time, of course.) responsiveX helps by:

  • Planning UI
  • Innovating UI
  • Creating UI
  • Making a natural UI

responsiveX has experience designing User Interfaces of all shapes. We’ll build you an impressive, innovative UI that helps you succeed. Don’t wait to impress your customers, give your customer an experience and interface they won’t want to stop using.


Good data. Better analytics.

If you plan on growing your business you’re going to need accurate data to analyze and predict with. The problem? Collecting mass amounts of data isn’t easy and working with Big Data can be a hassle. Even storing all of your valuable data creates challenges. responsiveX will help you work with your data by showing you how to store and structure your data to make it easy to work with and easy to visualize. We can help you mine the important data you need and monitor that data.

Public data. Statistical data. Data sets. Data integration. Big data. Data mining. Data analysis.

responsiveX will help you control your data.

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Big Data

Big Data is hard to work with, but not impossible to control. And when properly managed, Big Data can be a great ally in understanding your customers so you can better serve them. responsiveX has experience working on Big Data projects to help companies control, analyze and visualize their data in a successful way. responsiveX helps develop systems and applications to sort and structure your data and then display it the way you need. responsiveX also helps you monitor your Big Data to recognize useful trends and variations over time.

BI & Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics will get you to your customers at the right time and in the right way. Understanding your customer’s actions—past, present and future—should be a priority to grow your business. responsiveX helps you get the data you need and analyze that data effectively. We can increase your BI by mining important data and structuring that data efficiently. responsiveX can help you analyze the data you collect more powerfully with quicker responses and more visualization. Let responsiveX boost your BI analytics.

SQL Server

SQL Server is a powerful tool to store data and manage databases. But problems are easy to run into with SQL Server. Structuring your data properly and maintaining your databases are just a few necessities for SQL Server. responsiveX will help you efficiently build and effectively manage your databases with SQL Server in a successful way. We help you adjust for different variables and analyze large amounts of data. Make your data easy to work with, contact responsiveX and take control of your SQL Server.


Excel your enterprise.

Thinking about building up your enterprise? Good! But what’s your plan? responsiveX helps you plan and develop your projects. We work closely with enterprise to deliver new innovative projects that advance business. We can help you get creative with your technology or implement innovation such as cloud, windows apps and much more!

responsiveX helps you:

Capitalize on business opportunities. Innovate business ideas. Strategize business plans. Develop business apps.

Going big with your enterprise? Contact our experts today.

Cloud + Hybrid

The cloud is at the center of much talk these days, and with good reason. The cloud allows you to do more in a shorter period of time and for less money. responsiveX knows the cloud like no one else. We can help you create (or migrate) a cloud infrastructure with a solid architecture to support your company. We know quite a bit about the cloud and can develop your products on your cloud infrastructure. Not ready to go fully cloud? responsiveX can help you create a hybrid cloud between services like Windows Azure and your private data center. responsiveX will help you keep your really import systems at home while you move everything else out to the cloud where it can efficiently run.

Integration + Identity

With so much different technology and innovation floating around these days it’s important to find a way to make it all fit together. responsiveX can help you sort it all out. We can help you integrate your systems with the cloud, or integrate third-party apps into your systems. responsiveX can also help you with identification. Setting up identities for your business, team, customers and users with technology is important. responsiveX can help you establish the identification you need.


Portals allow you to manage your team and help your team communicate with each other. responsiveX can help you build or reconstruct your portal. responsiveX has experience building fast, powerful intranets with tools like Microsoft’s SharePoint. We can also help you optimize your current portal to maximize its performance and remove any bugs. responsiveX can get your team successfully collaborating in no time.

Windows Apps

Windows applications may have lost some popularity with the introduction of mobile and web apps, but they’re far from extinct. Need help getting one built? responsiveX is the way to go! responsiveX has experience building windows apps and can help you plan your app, innovate and design your app and then develop and maintain your application. Besides just creating a windows app responsiveX can help you with Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Windows Server. Get your windows app running quickly and properly with responsiveX.

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