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Sure, the mobile space is important, but don’t get lost in the shuffle. responsiveX will show you how to agilely create the apps your customers want. responsiveX builds engaging mobile apps with unmatched User Experiences and natural UIs.

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responsiveX + Mobile

At responsiveX we are the mobile app development experts, we can help you develop and implement mobile strategies focused on consumers. We can also make your team more efficient by developing an enterprise app for your company. Additionally responsiveX builds business apps to help you boost your sales and customer reach. responsiveX makes sure your apps are a win by providing strategic planning for your project.

Mobile Web

Mobile phones and devices can take advantage of the web. But is your company taking advantage of your mobile web presence? responsiveX helps you build responsive, scalable mobile websites with technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and JQuery that will impress your mobile web visitors.

Native Apps

You can also attract mobile phone and device users with native applications running on platforms like Apple’s iOS with iPhone and iPad, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Windows 8. responsiveX can build your needed native apps and help you manage them effectively. We excel at architecting and developing apps for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. We’ll deliver innovative apps that more than satisfy your customers.

Cross Platform

Looking for a cross platform app to efficiently take advantage of multiple Operating Systems at once? responsiveX has experience building hybrid apps that can run on multiple platforms utilizing technologies like PhoneGap. We can develop and create cross platform apps that look great and perform perfectly.

Mobile + Cloud

Don’t forget about the cloud with your mobile strategy! The cloud gives your mobile apps the ability to be truly mobile. responsiveX can help you integrate a cloud solution into your apps to give your customers exactly what they want. We’re experts with the cloud and can help you prepare for the future by building your products and services around the cloud in a strategic and effective way.