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App PerformanceApp Performance
App PerformanceApp Performance


Download the application performance data sheet to discover how Microsoft Azure, AppDynamics & responsiveX work together to help you deliver successful apps.

App Performance

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Improve your application’s performance.

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1 Day Discovery + Planning

1. Discover
   •  applications and infrastructure
   •  performance challenges
   •  health and monitoring needs
2. Envisioning with AppDynamics
   •  capability walkthrough
   •  fit assessment
3. Plan AppDynamics Deployment or POC

3 Day Proof of Concept

1. Deploy AppDynamics
2. Identity Performance Bottlenecks
3. Identity Health and Reliability Issues
4. Setup and Customize Monitoring
5. Setup and Customize Dashboards
6. AppDynamics Dev and IT Pro Training

Tailored Engagement

1. Optimize Application Performance
2. Improve Application Reliability
3. Application Architecture Design
4. Application Cloud Migration Planning
5. Proof-of-Concept Development

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