Eric D. Boyd Talks Windows Azure at Microsoft’s Cloud OS Launch Event

Chicago, IL, September, 19, 2012 — On September 20th, Microsoft will host a Cloud OS launch event at the Oak Brook Hills Marriott Resort in Oak Brook, Illinois. Microsoft’s Cloud OS Signature events are happening in multiple cities across the country to provide technology executives, developers and IT professional’s insight into the Microsoft Cloud platform and access to resources to help get started with the Cloud. Eric D. Boyd, Founder and CEO of Chicago-based management and technology consultancy, responsiveX, will join a group of cloud and technology experts to present the Microsoft Cloud OS and what it means for software developers, IT professionals and technology executives.

Microsoft has added many new features and capabilities to its popular Server and Cloud platforms, while making it easier than ever for software developers to build great applications. Over the day, Eric along with other speakers will be presenting some of the new capabilities that have been recently introduced into Windows Azure. “Microsoft is evolving and improving their products and services more often than ever and this continuous innovation is helping businesses and technology professionals create more robust systems, better user experiences, and reduce costs.” Eric said.

The Cloud has become a very important topic in business and technology conversations, and Microsoft has invested lots innovating and developing their Cloud platforms and development tools. “As businesses are demanding faster innovation and results, the agility gains enabled by the Cloud are essential.” said Eric. “Today, Cloud is new for lots of folks, but going forward, it will be like the Web is today. Cloud will be expected, the way, and not just another option. We will see businesses use Cloud platforms both on-premise in their private cloud and outside of their data center in public cloud platforms like Windows Azure.”

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