responsiveX to Host Chicago’s Global Windows Azure Bootcamp

Global Windows Azure Bootcamp will take place March 29th with a new location added in Chicago. Attendees will receive free, immersive Windows Azure training.

CHICAGO, IL, Jan. 29, 2014 — Global Windows Azure Bootcamp (GWAB) added a new location in Chicago to their 90+ event locations worldwide. The new event in Chicago will be hosted by leading technology consultancy responsiveX, while being held in Microsoft’s Midwest District Offices on March 29th. Global Windows Azure Bootcamp will feature a full day of free Windows Azure training presented by responsiveX. Data collected by this world wide event will be pooled towards research.

Global Windows Azure Bootcamp will offer developers and technology directors a free deep dive into the world of Windows Azure to bring them up to speed on developing modern cloud apps on the Windows Azure platform. All of the 90+ GWAB locations will follow a similar format, including free hands on labs with Windows Azure. With such a large number of locations around the globe, GWAB will be able to reach a large user base with the same great training.

The large number of event locations simultaneously occurring also means Global Windows Azure Bootcamp will be generating massive amounts of data from event attendees participating in the labs. GWAB will be donating that data farm towards research to further develop and improve cloud computing.

responsiveX Founder and CEO Eric D. Boyd will be heading up the Chicago location for the Windows Azure training. Boyd grew up working with technology and has been a huge supporter of Windows Azure. In 2012 he was honored with a Windows Azure MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award by Microsoft.

Global Windows Azure Bootcamp was started in 2013 by several user groups seeking to provide free, fun and immersive Windows Azure training. The first GWAB event, which took place last year, was a huge success leading to the follow up and second annual GWAB event this year.

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